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Our Air Conditioning Services

Explore Densen’s comprehensive AC services in the Lower Mainland, from installation to maintenance, ensuring your ultimate comfort.

Why Choose our A/C Services?

Choose Densen for reliable, efficient air conditioning solutions in the Lower Mainland, emphasizing customer satisfaction and energy efficiency.

A/C Emergency Services

Rapid response to A/C emergencies in the Lower Mainland, Densen ensures your cooling system is back up and running quickly

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Air Conditioning Services in the Lower Mainland

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A/C Installation

Expert AC installation services in the Lower Mainland by Densen ensure your home stays cool and comfortable. Our skilled technicians specialize in installing a wide range of air conditioning systems, providing efficient, reliable cooling solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Refrigerant Leak Repair

Densen’s refrigerant leak repair services in the Lower Mainland address critical AC issues promptly. Our experienced team efficiently detects and fixes leaks, ensuring your air conditioning system operates at peak performance, maintaining optimal cooling and energy efficiency.

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Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Specializing in ductless mini-split systems, Densen offers versatile and energy-efficient cooling solutions for homes and businesses in the Lower Mainland. These systems provide targeted cooling without the need for extensive ductwork, ideal for space-saving and customizable comfort.

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Cooling System Maintenance

Regular cooling system maintenance by Densen in the Lower Mainland extends the life of your AC units. Our comprehensive service checks ensure your system runs smoothly and efficiently, preventing unexpected breakdowns and saving on energy costs.

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Attic Ventilation

Enhance your home’s cooling efficiency with Densen’s attic ventilation services in the Lower Mainland. Proper attic ventilation prevents heat buildup, reducing the strain on your AC system and contributing to a more comfortable indoor environment.

Air Quality Improvement

Densen provides air quality improvement services in the Lower Mainland, enhancing indoor air quality through advanced filtration and purification solutions. Our services ensure healthier, cleaner air in your home or business, optimizing your comfort and well-being.

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Client Testimonials

"AC Installation very professional and fast. I highly recommend this company and George was very organized."
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Carlos B.
"Incredibly happy with George’s work. We had an AC unit installed in our detached home and from start to finish, George was responsive and professional. He helped us find the right unit for us and I was really impressed with how patient he was with all of my questions. I would highly recommend Densen Plumbing (and George)!"
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Reece M.
"The team at Densen plumbing did an incredible job installing two new A/C units at our home. George provided guidance on the types of unit that would best suit our house. This summer was very hot with all those heat waves, he truly saved us."
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Why Choose Our Air Conditioning Services?

Opt for Densen for your air conditioning requirements, where we prioritize exceptional service, timely responses, and complete customer satisfaction. Our skilled professionals employ advanced methods and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver superior cooling solutions in the Lower Mainland.


Densen offers professional AC installation services throughout the Lower Mainland, ensuring efficient and reliable cooling systems.

Our skilled technicians expertly repair refrigerant leaks, maintaining your AC’s performance and efficiency in the Lower Mainland.

Yes, Densen specializes in installing ductless mini-split systems, providing flexible and energy-efficient cooling in the Lower Mainland.

Regular AC maintenance is crucial for optimal performance and longevity of your cooling system, a service we excel at in the Lower Mainland.

Proper attic ventilation enhances cooling efficiency, reducing AC strain and improving indoor comfort in the Lower Mainland.

We offer a range of energy-efficient AC options, helping Lower Mainland residents save on energy costs and reduce environmental impact.

Our experts recommend the best AC system upgrades for enhanced cooling and energy savings in the Lower Mainland.

Densen enhances indoor air quality in the Lower Mainland with advanced air filtration and purification systems, ensuring a healthier living environment.

A/C Emergency Services

Available 24/7 for any A/C emergencies.

Our emergency response team is immediately on call to tackle urgent air conditioning problems, reducing damage and quickly restoring cool, comfortable air.

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