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Our Heating Services

Discover Densen’s wide range of heating services, from furnace maintenance to comprehensive winterization, for optimal warmth and efficiency.

Why Choose our Heating Services?

Rely on Densen for exceptional heating services, prioritizing energy efficiency, timely support, and customer satisfaction in every task.

Emergency Heating Services

Densen swiftly responds to heating emergencies in the Lower Mainland, quickly restoring warmth and comfort to your space.

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Heating Services in the Lower Mainland

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Furnace Services

In the Lower Mainland, Densen’s furnace services encompass installation, repair, and maintenance, ensuring efficient heating during colder months. Our skilled technicians specialize in various furnace types, offering solutions that optimize warmth and energy efficiency.

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Boiler Services

Densen provides expert boiler services, including repairs, installations, and maintenance in the Lower Mainland. Our focus is on maximizing efficiency and reliability, ensuring your boiler system operates smoothly for consistent, comfortable heating.

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Heat Pump Services

Offering comprehensive heat pump services in the Lower Mainland, Densen ensures your system delivers efficient heating and cooling. Our team handles installations, repairs, and regular maintenance, enhancing system longevity and performance.

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Densen specializes in thermostat installation and repair, providing advanced climate control solutions for homes and businesses in the Lower Mainland. We ensure your heating system responds accurately to your comfort needs.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Our air duct cleaning service in the Lower Mainland improves heating efficiency and indoor air quality. Densen’s thorough cleaning process eliminates dust and debris, ensuring cleaner, healthier air circulation.

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Winterization Services

Densen’s winterization services in the Lower Mainland prepare your heating systems for the cold months. We ensure your heating units are optimized for performance, reducing the risk of breakdowns and enhancing energy efficiency.

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Client Testimonials

"We just installed a heat pump and couldn't' be happier with our experience. George came recommended and all I can do is recommend him further! Excellent service and professionalism!"
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Natasha P.
"George is very professional and knowledgeable. I’ve used his company for both plumbing and heating services and i’m very happy I did so!"
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"Had a heat pump installed by Densen and they did an extremely good job. We are very happy with his work. Honest and professional. Highly recommend."
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Jeremy N.

Why Choose Our Heating Services?

Opt for Densen for your heating needs, where we guarantee superior service, prompt response, and total customer satisfaction. Our experienced team employs the latest in heating technology and methods to deliver the best heating solutions in the Lower Mainland.


Yes, Densen provides expert furnace repair services in the Lower Mainland, ensuring efficient operation and comfort in your home.

“Our technicians are skilled in servicing various boiler types, offering reliable solutions for efficient heating in the Lower Mainland.

“Densen offers comprehensive heat pump services, including installation and maintenance, for effective heating and cooling in the Lower Mainland.

We specialize in smart thermostat installation, enhancing heating efficiency and control for homes and businesses in the Lower Mainland.

Heating winterization services prepare your system for cold weather, ensuring efficient operation and preventing breakdowns in the Lower Mainland.

Densen offers prompt emergency heating services, addressing urgent issues to maintain warmth and safety in the Lower Mainland

Regular air duct cleaning by Densen improves heating efficiency and air quality in your Lower Mainland property.

We recommend and install energy-efficient heating options, reducing costs and environmental impact for our Lower Mainland clients.

Emergency Heating Services

Available 24/7 for any plumbing emergencies.

Our emergency response team is quickly available to handle urgent heating issues in the Lower Mainland, efficiently restoring warmth and system functionality with minimal delay.

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