Unlock Your Home's Energy-Saving Potential

Discover how federal and provincial rebates can make your home more energy-efficient and cost-effective. Step into a world of savings with our guide to energy rebates.

Understanding Rebates

Discover how energy rebates work. Learn about the different types of rebates available, who offers them, and how they can significantly reduce the cost of energy-efficient upgrades for your home or business.

Evaluating Your Options

Explore the range of qualifying products and improvements that can earn you rebates. From high-efficiency appliances to renewable energy solutions, we help you identify the best opportunities for savings and sustainability.

Seamless Application Process

Let us guide you through the application process. We provide expert assistance in navigating rebate criteria, filling out necessary forms, and ensuring you meet all requirements to maximize your rebate potential.

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FortisBC Energy Rebates

FortisBC is committed to helping you make energy-efficient choices for your home or business. Take advantage of their diverse range of rebates that support the adoption of energy-saving appliances and systems. Whether you're upgrading your home heating, installing energy-efficient appliances, or making your business more sustainable, FortisBC has a rebate program designed to help you save.

Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Appliances

Receive rebates for installing ENERGY STAR® certified appliances like refrigerators, clothes washers, and dryers. Enhance your home's efficiency while enjoying savings.

Empower Your Business with Energy Savings

Commercial entities can also benefit from rebates on energy-efficient upgrades. From heating systems to industrial equipment, explore options to make your operations more cost-effective and sustainable.

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Optimize Your Heating and Cooling

FortisBC offers incentives for upgrading to high-efficiency natural gas boilers and furnaces. Keep your space comfortable and reduce energy bills.

Incentives for Efficient Home Building

FortisBC rewards builders for high-efficiency home construction. The New Home Program offers rebates up to $10,000 for homes built to BC Energy Step Code 2 or higher, promoting the use of energy-efficient systems.

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BC Hydro Energy Rebates

BC Hydro and CleanBC facilitates a range of rebate programs aimed at enhancing energy efficiency in homes and businesses. These programs provide financial incentives for adopting sustainable practices and upgrading to more energy-efficient systems.

Heat Pump Upgrade Rebates

Upgrade to a high-efficiency heat pump and receive significant rebates through CleanBC and BC Hydro. These systems offer both heating and cooling, reducing your carbon footprint and utility bills.

Rebates for Home Renovations

Take advantage of rebates for energy-efficient home upgrades including insulation, windows, and heating systems.

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Heat Pump Water Heaters

Optimize your water heating with energy-efficient heat pump water heaters. Eligible for CleanBC rebates, these systems use less energy compared to traditional water heaters and provide long-term savings.

CleanBC Home Efficiency Rebates

Take advantage of CleanBC Home Efficiency Rebates for various energy-efficient upgrades. Enjoy rebates on heat pumps and heat pump water heaters, enhancing your home's energy efficiency and comfort.

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BC Hydro offers rebates for electric vehicle (EV) charger installations, home renovation projects, energy-efficient appliances, and free energy-saving kits for qualifying homes.

CleanBC provides rebates for energy-efficient home upgrades, including heat pumps, boilers, and insulation, helping you enhance your home’s efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Yes, BC Hydro provides rebates for various home upgrades, including insulation, windows, and heating systems. FortisBC also offers incentives for high-efficiency natural gas boilers and furnaces. Please check their websites for their latest and available rebates.

The FortisBC New Home Program offers rebates up to $10,000 for building high-efficiency homes to BC Energy Step Code 2 or higher, and provides additional support for consulting fees in higher step code homes. (Some restrictions or seasonal offers may apply. Please check their website directly)

Yes, FortisBC offers rebates for energy-efficient upgrades in commercial spaces, including for appliances and industrial equipment. Please check their website for any current promos or rebates.

Both BC Hydro and FortisBC provide various energy-saving tips, such as using LED bulbs, draftproofing homes, and adopting efficient heating and cooling practices.

The application process varies depending on the specific rebate program. Generally, you can apply through the BC Hydro or FortisBC websites or seek assistance from their customer service. You can also contact us bellow.

Yes, many rebate programs have specific deadlines. For example, the FortisBC New Home Program requires pre-registration and project completion by certain dates. It’s best to check the respective websites for the most current deadlines and requirements.

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